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YOBSN is Making it Easy for You To Make Heaps Of Money as the World Goes Mobile!

Imagine sitting on a sandy beach, watching the sunset with the love of your life. As you’re sipping on your ice-cold fruity beverage, you pull out your smart phone to play a quick game on your YOBSN. You can’t help smiling when you think about all of your Free Members who use YOBSN on their smart phones and tablets… and that’s because, YOU make money when THEY use your YOBSN.

After having fun playing the game, you decide to send a quick Chirp to all of your members… then you hold up your glass, hold out your phone, and with a big smile, you snap a picture. Along with the picture that you send to your members is a note from you that says, “Life is fantastic!”

Life is “Fantastic” because YOBSN has given you a way to blur those lines between work and play. Whether you’re sitting on a hot sunny beach or warming up in front of a roaring fireplace at a rustic ski lodge on a snow covered mountain… your YOBSN is perpetually churning away for you, earning you money.

YOBSN Mobile makes you money when your Free Members:
Make in-game purchases… (available for all YOBSN mobile games)
Purchase digital goods from 3rd party vendors offered on your YOBSN
Shop on the Exclusive YOBSN Global Shopping Experience…
Purchase their own package to become a YOBSN Owner…
Purchase YOBSN proprietary products, such as the 1 Page SuperSites, the Trick Photography Hero or the Smart Phone Hero. (And many more are coming just over the horizon.)

Your YOBSN Mobile can even make you money when advertisements automatically show up on your members’ YOBSNs. They don’t even have to click on the advertisement for you to make money. (This “Pay-Per-Impression” advertising method is offered exclusively for mobile devices).

So what’s the Big Deal about Going Mobile?

With YOBSN Mobile:

You are not tied down and neither are your members. Anyone can be on their YOBSN anywhere in the world, at any time.
You can expand your earning potential because your Free Members can spend more time on your YOBSN.

It is predicted that by the end of 2014 that 65% of the entire world will be using smart phones or tablets as their primary computing device. That’s HUGE!

In an ever-expanding mobile world, YOBSN Mobile gives you an unprecedented opportunity for revenue streams from multiple sources.

The YOBSN Pro Plus Package is the ONLY package that gives you the rights to have an unlimited number of Free Members on Mobile devices.

The YOBSN Mobile Platform provides you with the Ultimate Portable Business!

With YOBSN in your pocket, you will be able to demonstrate and give away your free mobile application to everyone you meet, whether it’s at a Shopping Centre, Queue, Bus, Train Airport, Plane, Club, Sporting Event, Party, Exhibition… or just about anywhere.

With YOBSN in your pocket, your business is with you anywhere, anytime.


YOBSN Games, Where Fun is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Have you played a game on your mobile device or through a social network today?

If so, you are most definitely not alone. Across cultures and time zones, from challenging ourselves to reach the next level, to linking up and playing with the loved one sitting next to us on the train, or the friend who’s half a world away, we love to use these games to stimulate our minds, improve our hand-eye coordination, connect with loved ones both near and far and just take a few minutes to enjoy a simple pleasure in the midst of a busy day.

How much do we love it?

There are more than 1 billion gamers in the world and each week they play more than 3 billion hours of games.

As staggering as those numbers are, this is just the beginning of a worldwide rush towards casual gaming. The number of people playing casual video games is growing at unbelievable rates and the amount of time spent gaming now surpasses the time devoted to online music, magazines and even video.

As a multi-billion dollar industry with over a billion players worldwide (and many more on the way), it’s hard to imagine a new perspective being brought to the way we play our games. But that’s exactly what YOBSN has created with its approach to how we enjoy, connect to and benefit from the casual gaming phenomenon.

YOBSN’s fully integrated social experience gives you a more enriching, rewarding and fulfilling experience each and every time you game (and even when you don’t).

Here’s how YOBSN is ushering in a new way to play:


A wide range of beautiful, elegant and – most of all – irresistibly enjoyable games: YOBSN games are everything you’ve come to know and love in a casual gaming experience and so much more. Unlike other mobile and social games, which were developed as third-party add-ons, YOBSN games are developed as a part of YOBSN, creating an online experience that seamlessly integrates your gaming world to the rest of your online world.

YOBSN games are also designed to work on whatever device you prefer to use. Stunningly beautiful and fabulously fun – on your tablet, your Smartphone or your computer – your experience with YOBSN games will be amazing.


Within YOBSN, there are a number of ways that your YOBSN Free Members can be rewarded with Social Points; one of these ways being the sharing of YOBSN with their friends, which vitally expands your free member database.

These Social Points can be redeemed in many ways, including in-game purchases and power-ups. Of course, your Free Members can also use money for in-game purchases and power-ups, which would then give you an income.


YOBSN’s Discovery Adventure Game is bound to have your Free Members rushing to tell all their gaming friends about YOBSN faster than a speeding bullet and into YOUR Free Member network.

Why? Well, firstly, Discovery Adventure offers terrific PRIZES… it could be Social Points, a technical device, such as a tablet or it could even be a holiday.

But that’s not the best part… Are you ready?

Whoever actually refers the prize winner, be they a YOBSN Owner or Free Member, will receive a matching prize! So, even if you are not a gamer yourself, you can still win prizes from the games by sharing YOBSN with gamers!

Whether or not you are a mobile and social gaming enthusiast, YOBSN is opening up a world of possibilities for you:

For the enthusiast – the best part is that all of it (every game currently available and most of the games that , will be released in the future) is there
  for anyone to enjoy completely free of charge and with no obligation when they become a YOBSN Free Member.
For those interested in benefitting financially from a multi-billion dollar industry – the world’s #1 passion, online gaming – you are absolutely
  in the Right Place at the Right Time.


YOBSN has Reinvented Online Shopping
"And You Make Money When Your Free Members Shop!"

YOBSN has created an AWESOME new way to find gifts that are genuinely different and extraordinary! And it’s nothing like any other shopping website you’ve ever seen or heard about.

It’s the “YOBSN Global Shopping Experience”

The YOBSN Global Shopping Experience Gives You Instant Access to “Unique Products from the 4 Corners of the Earth”.

Can you imagine what it would be like to go shopping in Asia then in Africa 20 minutes later and Europe half an our after that?

Picture yourself walking through an airport, handing the flight attendant your boarding pass, then heading off to a distant exotic land. As you approach your destination, you look out of the window to see a beautiful view of the countryside. After your flight, a native tour guide takes you to a local street market. At this market, you find some of the most amazingly unique gifts that you can’t find at your local mall. As you pay the merchant for your gifts, you can’t help but smile because you know that the special people in your life are going to be Blown Away by these incredibly special gifts.

Besides the fact that the gifts were “one of a kind”… they will also be impressed that you bought something directly from Asia, America, Africa or Europe.

This trip was a lot of fun… As you thank your tour guide and say your goodbyes, you think about all of the interesting people you just met and all of the great gifts you bought. You leave feeling inspired… And you can’t wait until your next visit.

In essence, that is the feeling we are striving to capture when someone enters the YOBSN Global Shopping Experience… (but without the time and expense of actually making the trip).

With YOBSN‘s Global Shopping Experience, you can shop on different continents in an instant!

Besides the fact that YOBSN Global Shopping Experience Gives You Instant Access to “Unique Products from the 4 Corners of the Earth”, you feel as if you are actually there in a specific country, even though you are still sitting at your computer or with your tablet or Smartphone.

When you enter the YOBSN Global Shopping portal, you will select which continent you want to visit. When you click the button, you activate a fast moving, mesmerising, 10 second transition video of aerial views of the countryside, iconic scenes specific to that continent… and then it quickly takes you through a local street market showing the hustle and bustle of the vendors and shoppers. At the end of this quick video clip, there’s a door opening to the YOBSN Global Shopping Experience.

Once the door opens, an animated tour guide, native to that continent, will greet you to show you around and answer your questions.

You will have access to a friendly personal shopper, a real person from that continent, for additional guidance via a video chat system.

As you browse, you will have the option to pin items that you are interested in so you don’t forget about them. When you pin an item, you are connected with other shoppers who have either bought similar items or are shopping for similar items. You will even have the ability to communicate with one another in a secure chat format as well, if you wish… And these other shoppers are from all around the world.

While you continue to look around, you notice a small video playing in the upper right hand corner that features new products and trends that are evolving in that particular continent. Many of the video clips are actually filmed at a local street market to further add to the “being there” shopping experience.

So that’s what the YOBSN Global Shopping Experience is all about…

Can you think of anything that could make YOBSN Global Shopping Experience any better? Well, how about this?

What if YOU MADE MONEY when people buy? Wouldn’t that be cool?

As a YOBSN Owner, that’s exactly what happens.

It works just like YOBSN‘s other affiliate programs. When someone makes a purchase in your YOBSN Global Shopping Experience portal, YOU MAKE MONEY!

Whenever one of your free members makes a purchase in your YOBSN Global Shopping Experience, You Get Paid! In fact, you can even send the general public to the YOBSN Online Global Shopping Mall. As long as they go through YOUR portal and make a purchase, YOU MAKE MONEY!

And that’s not all! You will also earn a percentage of the purchases made by the YOBSN Free Members and Owners of your personal YOBSN Owners… WOW!

YOBSN is reinventing the shopping experience and inspiring people all around the world.

IMAGINE… Over 800 Million Products!!!

At the YOBSN Global Shopping Mall, you find that special gift that you can’t get in your local stores. With over 800 million products to select from, you (and whoever shops through your YOBSN Global Shopping Experience portal), will be able to find whatever you can imagine.

Can you hear your cash register working overtime?!


"How Selling YOBSN Ad Packages can Make You Money"

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your very own advertising agency? Let’s face it; businesses need to advertise if they want to stay in business and certainly if they plan on growing.

As the great auto industrialist, Henry Ford, once stated, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

Quite frankly, it has become tough over the past decade or so. Traditional advertising, like newspapers, radio and television, just don’t get the bang for the buck that they once used to produce. Readership for actual printed newspapers has been on a steady decline since the Internet explosion began back in the 90′s. Some people would even describe it as the “death spiral” for print media.

Radio and television aren’t doing much better either. From an advertiser’s point of view, the costs for creating and airing a commercial for radio and TV continue to skyrocket. That wouldn’t be so bad if you were getting good results. However, that’s just not the case. Results have also been declining in these advertising mediums and probably for the same reason… the Internet!

Nowadays, the Internet is where people go to when they are thinking about making a purchase. Maybe it’s because they want to know more about the product they want to buy or the company that provides the services they are looking for. Or maybe it’s because it’s where we are simply spending much of our time.

Regardless of the reason, the Internet is where a large portion of commerce takes place.

Google has become one of the largest companies in the world because they were able to harness this booming demand for business to sell their products and services on the Internet. If you personally know anyone who used to advertise on Google 4 or 5 years ago, they would probably tell you that it is now just far too expensive. There’s a reason for that. Google created a model where businesses get into a bidding war over ad placement… Everyone wants to be in the top 3 spots (you’re just wasting your time and money if you’re not in the premier spots). Because of this never-ending bidding battle, most businesses that are paying attention to their ROI (return on investment) as it relates to advertising on Google, eventually realise they are taking a beating.

That’s the great thing about YOBSN advertising packages; advertisers can actually make money again… and so can YOU for telling them about YOBSN!

YOBSN offers:

The ABSOLUTE BEST advertising rates in the industry

24/7 exposure that NO other advertising medium can offer

The highest security protection against internet fraud and PPC fraud

Easy-to-monitor ROI due to real-time tracking and reporting. (Poorly performing ads can quickly be identified and switched off or replaced almost instantaneously)

Targeting of specific markets – local, regional, national and global.

And, unlike Google, set rates at EXTREMELY low costs. There’s no “pitting” advertisers against each other to drive the price up
YOBSN gives its advertisers a fair and affordable way to get their message out to the masses.

Selling advertising through YOBSN is like having your very own ad agency, only very much better! You don’t have any of the headaches to deal with. All you have to do is sell the advertising package and get paid. You don’t have to place their ads for them, do any accounting or track their results. The system does it all on autopilot.

On top of that, YOBSN Advertising Packages provide such incredible value that they practically sell themselves!

24/7 Advertising That Pays.

Even when YOBSN members surf the Internet or search on Google, your advertiser’s banner ads will show up.

How You Get Paid…

You can generate a generous perpetual cashflow by offering these advertising packages to any company or organisation that wants an affordable and effective way to advertise. So regardless of whether they are an Online or Offline Traditional Business, an Internet, Affiliate or Network Marketer, they will be amazed by how cost effective it is to advertise with YOBSN.

You have a HUGE marketplace where you can offer any business a better way to advertise.

As a YOBSN Owner, You will Receive:

25% bonus on the initial advertising package purchase
25% trailer fee on all subsequent packages purchased

Do the work once and get paid ongoing!

Our Advertising Packages provide you with a powerful passive residual income source.

YOBSN Advertisement Program…
The ULTIMATE Marketing Medium.

“Please Note: Advertisers Must Purchase a YOBSN Branding Package in order to advertise throughout the YOBSN membership.

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”
~ Mark Twain ~

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